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To bring you the best Sci-Fi from the emerging Indie Author Community. Just like you, our authors have a veritable passion for Science Fiction and they want to share it with each and everyone of you.

With Sci-Fi Reads, we knew exactly what we wanted to build: the internet’s go-to place for science fiction fans to get exclusive sci-fi content.

At first, the task seemed like our own personal Kobayashi Maru. We were unfazed, of course. We don’t believe in no-win scenarios.

We started by putting together a crack team of authors who know exactly what sci-fi lovers want, because we’re huge sci-fi nerds and we know what WE want.

Then, to prove we’re serious, we initially each wrote a story that only Sci-Fi Reads subscribers can access. And in the future we'll bring in more cool features as time goes by. 

Who’s going to create these things, if not us? Captain Kirk beat the Kobayashi Maru by reprogramming the simulator. We plan to reprogram science fiction fandom.


Dedicated to bring you great new books as quickly as humanly possible.

The minds behind Sci-Fi Reads. Christian Kallias, GP Hudson, Chris Fox and Brandon Ellis.

We all write either space opera or military science fiction – many of us write both. We could have easily chosen to see each other only as competitors.

But that would be dumb, we realized. What if the Avengers had refused to work together? Did we just compare ourselves to the Avengers?

Readers tend to read more than one book, and voracious SF readers devour lots of them. Your humble authors (comparisons to the Avengers aside) saw that if we combined our efforts, we could create something truly special for the online sci-fi community.


And so, each one of us dove back into the universes we’d created and returned with a story that’s only for Sci-Fi Reads subscribers. Seven exclusive ebooks, available to you for free when you join Sci-Fi Reads.

If you’d like to learn more about your Sci-Fi Reads authors, head over to the Crew section.



Each SciFi Reads author is dedicated to bring you, our faithful readers, with some exclusive content you won't find anywhere else. So sit down, fire up your Kindle, and enjoy the ride.

When you join Sci-Fi Reads, you get access to exclusive content you won't find anywhere else. We strive to bring you quality original work from your favorite authors.

On top of original stories, we'll soon add extra content in the future.

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