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When his home world is under attack by the Guards, Loki has to risk everything to save Asgard and his people. With Thor still far away, Loki has to use all his wits to delay the mighty Grunhild. But can he face a warrior with such strong psychic abilities?

With Gaia’s return and help, the Alliance rushes to find a solution to save the population of Droxia from turning into an army of cybernetic drones. Meanwhile, Ashra is unleashing the next part of her plan to assert her domination in this dimension by removing the last bit of resistance standing in her way.

The EAD Helios is tasked with containing the Droxian plague and ensuring it doesn’t spread in other systems.

In the unknown regions, Ryonna’s and Menelas’s Portal Team One get a new addition when Cedric takes the place of Yanis. Together they explore a promising planet in the hopes of finding new technology to help them defeat the ever-growing Spectre threat. When they discover a hidden structure of Atlantian design, they quickly realize that they weren’t the first to get there, and an old foe resurfaces.

When a seemingly happy reunion goes astray, Chase and the entire Alkyon One station are put into the line of fire.

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