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From reject to starship captain in 1 nanosecond.

Kevin’s father thinks he’s a loser, and a brand-new rejection from MIT isn’t going to convince dad otherwise.

He goes for a lakeside walk to sort things out in his mind – and an alien ship crashes right in front of him.

With his last breath, the dying captain imparts Kevin with a chilling revelation. An intergalactic war looms ominously, threatening all sentient life. A war that Kevin, in a twist of fate, will now need to fight.

On the losing side.

In command of the last remaining warship.

The crew of the ship? All dead.

With billions of lives hanging in the balance.

So, no pressure!

The Warship Thalamos Box Set contains all six adrenaline-fueled From Far Beyond novels, and includes the riveting bonus short story: Red Alert, for over 1400 pages of Epic Space Opera. If the sheer joy of diving into movies like Ready Player One and The Last Starfighter left you spellbound, then brace yourself, because you're in for an absolute whirlwind of cosmic escapades with our hero, Kevin, and his faithful Beagle, Boomer, as they navigate across galaxies in high-stakes interstellar combat.

From Far Beyond is a pulse-pounding Space Opera, brimming with relentless action, endearing characters, punctuated with sparkling humor and a double-shot of 80's and 90's action movies pop culture references and nostalgia. This coming-of-age saga, with its unconventional technologies and diverse alien realms, is sure to captivate and ignite your imagination like a supernova. Take a daring leap and become a part of the adventure, today.


"Few people can write Space Opera like Christian Kallias! He’ll keep you turning pages long into the night."
—Jasper T. Scott, USA Today Bestselling Author of Dark Space

"In Warship Thalamos, Kallias brings to life a vivid and relatable protagonist. With a deft hand, he paints a journey of self-discovery against the backdrop of a vast, cosmic playground. This is science fiction with a beating heart and well worth your read."
—Brandon Ellis, Bestselling Author of the Ascendant Saga.

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