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Sci-Fi Book to Video Game

For years I’ve written novels with the Holy Grail being able to turn my stories into a video game or film franchise. Three months ago I was approached by Low Carb Media. They expressed interest in turning my Gateway to the Galaxy series into a mobile game.

I’ve had my eye on mobile gaming for a while now. I know that market brings in more money than traditional console games. I was beyond excited (think Will Ferrell from Elf) to hear Low Carb Media’s vision for the future of the series.

They’ve taken over production on the game since I signed with them. I’m attached to the project as a consultant. I mostly get a say on how characters should look and the story the mobile game will follow. The Gateway to the Galaxy series spans eight books at the moment with four more to come. Knowing that, makes the story line for the game tricky.

What we decided to do was follow the main story as closely as we can with the introduction of new playable character earlier on than they would appear in the books. The gameplay for the mobile app will be like an updated Contra. We’ll be able to switch out playable characters and update weapons and skins.

An added bonus is that my audiobook publisher, Podium Publishing, agreed to have the voice actor who narrated the audiobooks come in and record some new material exclusively for the game.

Right now Low Carb Media is shooting for a late January to February 2019 release. I’ll keep you all updated on the progress and when you can grab the game on your own phones or tablets.

See you on the other side,

Jonathan Yanez

Click here to check out Jonathan's Gateway to the Galaxy series!

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