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The Mandalorian – Season 2 Trailer

Where to start? I’ll keep this short because images speak louder than words. But, here is what I have to say:

When a two-minute trailer does better than three full feature films, it’s easy to understand why Disney fraked the latest trilogy. Maybe they should have heeded this simple acronym: KISS. Keep it simple, stupid. By now, I think we all know that the person who was put in charge was the worst possible choice.

The only way to move forward now, and for Star Wars to be redeemed, is to put Jon Favreau at the helm of Star Wars (and if you want my advice, put him in charge of Disney altogether because I don’t like what Marvel has in store for their next “phases”).

Put someone who is passionate about a universe in charge, and you get fantastic results; put someone who couldn’t care less, and you get three movies that are each worse than the one that preceded it. While I could have given a six-and-half out of ten to The Force Awakens on a sheer nostalgia string being tugged for 2 hours, The Last Jedi was the worst IP destructive piece of poo ever put on film. And truth be told, even though it’s less offensive than its predecessor, The Rise of Skywalker showed how to destroy a legacy by doing all the wrong retconning.

With Justice League getting a director’s cut, I’m sure we’d all want to see the Lucas cut of that movie, I doubt it would save the trilogy, but it would probably be a whole lot better.

But back on The Mandalorian and its upcoming release October 30th. The trailer makes me salivate. When I first watched episode I of The Mandalorian in Vegas last year, on my trusty Oculus Go, I walked away from the first episode with a single thought: “This is the best Star Wars I’ve seen since Return of the Jedi, heck, since Empire Strikes Back!” And that trailer gives me high hopes for Star Wars yet. Disney just needs to clean their house and put the right people in charge.

I have spoken!

Christian Kallias

Christian is a best-selling author who is inspired by Star Wars, Star Trek, Babylon 5, and so many more classics of the genre. If you’re into Space Opera, check out his series Universe in Flames.

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