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To Captain Marvel or Not to Captain Marvel

I went into see Marvel's latest installment in their series with an open mind. I'd score it a B- in the Marvel Universe not making my top five favorite Marvel films. It was good without being great and here's why.

The things I enjoyed about it were the new take on a hero's past. In the film Carol Danvers didn't tragically lose her parents or a loved one. She wasn't an orphan either which was nice.

Visually it was awesome. The story line made sense with maybe the writers trying a bit too hard to tie everything into the Marvel universe. But I can give them a break for that.

The actress did a great job acting with only one thing that seemed to bother me. Her voice seemed flat even in dire moments. I can only think of one moment where she roared in a fight.

What made the movie a B- for me instead of somewhere in the A range were the Skrull. We were supposed to feel sorry for the Skrull, I think? I really didn't feel for them at all. When Carol Danvers is risking her life to help them I kind of just shrugged. If the writers did a better job at pulling at my emotions where I felt for the helpless Skrull then maybe I would have been cheering for our hero to save them. I guess we'll never know.

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