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Is Star Trek: Discovery the Best Sci Fi Show on TV?

Has Star Trek: Discovery become the best sci-fi show on television? I think it has, and yes, I think it has surpassed the main contender, The Orville.

Look, it’s no secret that Discovery got off to a bad start. Season 1 was a disaster and there is no shortage of articles detailing how much is wrong with it. That said, CBS listened to the complaints and did some major show surgery.

A major part of that surgery involved getting rid of season 1 showrunners Aaron Harberts and Gretchen J. Berg, and having Alex Kurtzman take over as showrunner. Kurtzman cleaned up the problems in the writers’ room and got the series back on track.

The other major improvement was the introduction of Captain Pike and Spock from the Enterprise. Frankly, the show needed a strong captain and Anson Mount does a fantastic job playing Captain Pike.

The addition of the iconic Spock character is the icing on the cake, and the show takes dives right into Spock’s childhood, giving us a glimpse into Spock’s complex mind. I mean, the guy is half human and half Vulcan, so he’s bound to have had a messed up childhood, right?

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

The story arc really starts getting interesting with the Red Angel, Section 31 and psycho AI, Control.

We have some serious questions about what is going on with Leland and whether he is the beginning of the Borg.

Throw in some time travel and a seemingly inevitable apocalypse and you have the development of a fantastic storyline.

All in all, season 2 is an exponential improvement on season 1, and it is not just due to Klingon hairstyles. I can’t wait to see how the season ends and have high hopes for season 3.

What do you think? Has Star Trek: Discovery turned into an awesome show with season 2?


G.P. Hudson

G.P. Hudson is the author of The Pike Chronicles and Fall of the Terran Empire.

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