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A Weekend with David Weber and Kevin J Anderson.

Recently I had the opportunity to spend a weekend at a writer's get together with both David Weber and Kevin J Anderson. Now I might get tarred and feathered for this one but I didn't grow up reading either one of them. I love and respect their works now but I cut my teeth on Tolkien and CS Lewis. It wasn't until my later years that I started consuming Sc-Fi by the truck load.

When I met these men I was struck by two things. First, both of them were beyond kind to someone they didn't know from Adam. David Weber gave me a smile and went on to talk about how he and his wife met entertaining a group of fellow writers in the process. Kevin J Anderson was much of the same. Our first conversation spanned from his time hiking in his hometown to his role in the Dune series.

The second thing that stayed with me was how hard working these men have always been and still are. Both of them labor on producing the next book day in and day out. Perhaps at some point the time will come where we can take our foot off the gas but if they haven't reached that mountain top yet you can bet I sure haven't.

That saying, "never meet your heroes", doesn't apply to these two leaders in our industry. I left them that weekend with two new friends, feeling inspired and driven to tackle the next project.

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