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The Mysterious Coral Castle

If you live in Florida, you should go see it, because there it sits on 28655 S. Dixie Hwy in Homestead, FL.

The architect, the owner, the builder, and the one who claimed to know the secrets of how the pyramids were built, accomplished Coral Castle's construction -- all by himself.

Why is that such an accomplishment?

He was five feet tall and weighed 100 lbs. His name was Edward Leedskalnin, and from 1923 to 1951, under the cover of night, Ed secretly quarried over 1,100 tons of coral rock, lifted them out of the quarries--some of which were up to 30 tons--and somehow moved them across his property, stacking them on top of each other to make what is known as Coral Castle.

No longer alive today, Ed passed away in a hospital in the early 1950s, though when he was alive you'd always find Ed delightfully greeting anyone and every one to his Coral Castle home, using his castle as somewhat of a tourist attraction back in the 1940s and early 1950s. He would ask for ten cents admission, which allowed you to freely walk around his acreage.

Among his acreage was a 9-ton gate that a child could push open. How? Keep reading.

The castle also contained rocking chairs, sleeping quarters, buildings, an obelisk, and other large objects that were used to make the castle highly functional. It even had a Polaris telescope.

All of which were fashioned from stone.

Today, Ed's amazing feat is a mystery, though he did write a book on magnet currents and universal magnetics, all with diagrams, which may be how Ed cracked the pyramid code, that's if the pyramids weren't built with pulleys and hundreds of thousands of slaves.

Supernatural stories have arisen of how Ed created this gigantic structure all by himself.

One night, when Ed was alive, a five-year-old neighbor snuck over to Ed's acreage and hid, wanting to learn how this man could possibly lift stones so large. He said Ed was singing to the stones with his hands placed on their surface. Though, feeling as if he was being watched, Ed did nothing else. On another night, several young boys also hid amongst the castle. They stated they saw Ed singing, but what startled them was that the coral blocks were floating through the air "like hydrogen balloons." Another witness claimed he saw the rocks move as if by telepathy.

I almost feel like making a ghost sound here. "Wooo-oooo..."

While researching this topic, I came upon a great article written by Christopher Dunn from Atlantis Rising. He gave a fantastic illustration as to how hard it would have been for one man, such as Ed, to lift ten ton, twenty-ton and thirty-ton stones -- all by himself.

Christopher writes, "My company recently installed a hydraulic press that weighed 65 tons. In order to lift it and drop it through the roof, they had to bring in a special crane. The crane was brought to the site in pieces and was transported from 80 miles away over a period of five days. After 15 semi-trailer loads, the crane was finally assembled and ready for use."

Ed didn't have this technology, and if he had something similar, neighbors and tourists would have seen and heard it, especially at night. Hiding such large equipment would have been nearly impossible, especially in such an open area.

So, how did Ed do it?

Each block making up the castle's walls are 15 ton, 8-foot tall vertical stones that are all of uniform height. "The craftsmanship detail is so skillful and the stones are connected with such precision that no light passes through the joints. Even with the passage of decades and a direct hit on August 24, 1992, by the Category 5 Hurricane Andrew, the stones have not shifted." (

And, there is this:

"A 9-short-ton revolving 8-foot tall gate is a famous structure of the castle. The gate is carved so that it fits within a quarter of an inch of the walls. It was well-balanced so that a child could open it with the push of a finger. The mystery of the gate's perfectly balanced axis and the ease with which it revolved lasted for decades until it stopped working in 1986. In order to remove it, six men and a 50-short-ton crane were used. Once the gate was removed, the engineers discovered how Leedskalnin had centered and balanced it. He had drilled a hole from top to bottom and inserted a metal shaft. The rock rested on an old truck bearing. It was the rusting out of this bearing that resulted in the gate's failure to revolve. Complete with new bearings and shaft, it was set back into place on July 23, 1986. It failed in 2005 and was again repaired; however, it does not rotate with the same ease it once did."

It took six men and a 50-ton crane to replace the gate, and the gate was only 9 tons.

Remember, Ed placed 15-ton walls, 20 and 30-ton blocks, all in his castle.

Again, how?

If you haven't seen the castle, I'd say take a look. It's amazing. The way it was put together resembles that of the pyramids, especially in pinpoint placement and incredible structural design that can test the sands of time and can withstand the beautiful force of Mother Nature.

If you have a comment of how you think Ed Leedscalnin created Coral Castle, especially how he did it with little to no sound and in the cover of darkness, then please let me know. It still has engineers puzzled to this day.

Much Love,

Brandon Ellis

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