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Baby Yoda, The Mandalorian, and Disney Merchandising

photo by Christian Fregnan

The holidays are upon us and with it the eggnog guzzling, panicked shopping, and ugly sweatshirt wearing time of year. As I scroll through the most popular items to purchase, it comes as no surprise that Baby Yoda merchandise is in popular demand. (And, yes, I realize this is not an actual younger version of Yoda, but it doesn't have a name yet, so I'm calling it Baby Yoda for now. It's either that or Gary.) What is surprising is the lack of official Disney gear. Search for Baby Yoda apparel and you get the cheap knockoffs from sweatshops looking to make a quick dollar. However, any official merchandise is nowhere to be found. Why do you ask? Did Disney drop the ball, not realizing how popular the series and our adorable little friend would be? Unlikely, Mando. Or is the truth more sinister? More likely, Mando. With official gear just now starting to be constructed by our good friends in China, you are now able to purchase Baby Yoda gear with a March delivery date. The reason is widely speculated, but the religion I subscribe to is that Disney didn't want to spill the beans on their biggest surprise of the year. If they started manufacturing, the secret would have been revealed by one of the hundreds of workers involved. So, even though my three-year-old daughter asked for tiny Baby Yoda to feed frogs to and won't be getting one, I get it, Disney. I get it. Now don't screw up this storyline.

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