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Sci-fi Reads Picks to Get You Through Quarantines

This is not the dystopian future we voted on. But there is a silver lining amid the waves of shuttered businesses and sheltered people confined to the four walls of their homes and apartments…

Time to Read!

Or listen, for you audio book aficionados.

Netflix already out of interesting content? Too much TV numbing your brain… Here are 5 massive series you can binge from start to finish while you have the time.

Galaxy’s Edge

By Jason Anspach & Nick Cole

The mega-hit series is moving towards its own TV deal, but you don’t have to wait for Amazon Prime to binge this intricately woven military sci-fi adventure. Blending space opera with hard hitting and gritty military action, here’s a series that has sold over 1,000,000 copies and keeps going strong with audio books narrated by Ray Porter, RC Bray, Stephen Lang & Mark Boyett!

The Complete Magitech Chronicles

By Chris Fox

A must-read for anyone who grew up playing Spelljammer, Rifts, or Starcraft and have the itch to see magic in space done right. Soon to have an epic RPG based on the series, Magitech was THE FIRST of the new wave of space fantasy titles to hit the market and Fox’s love for the genre comes through loud and clear. Seven books, $0.99… get it. Love it.

Forsaken Mercenary

By Jonathan Yanez

Johnnie is practically a real-life super hero, so it’s no surprise to find that he brings all the heroics of that genre together with the adventure pacing of all the great action movies of the 80’s.

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

By J.R.R. Tolkien

If you haven’t read this, just stop everything you’re doing and start. And no, watching the films doesn’t count. You have to read it. You’ve got all month. Hurry up. Go! Okay… maybe you started it once upon a time and couldn’t get through it? That happens! But it’s still a foundational and amazing classic. Among the best ever produced by the human race. The solution: Narrator Rob Inglis’ wonderful performance flows like wine. You’ll burn through all 54 hours in no time. Well, 65 hours if you start with The Hobbit.

The Ixan Prophecies

By Scott Bartlett

One of sci-fi’s fresh young faces, Bartlett brings his pulse-pounding take to naval space warfare as old allies become bitter enemies in a galaxy-spanning fight for survival. Collected and narrated by Mark Boyett, this is a great pick!

There you have it. Five fantastic series that will get you the season two of social distancing. Let us know how many you plan to tackle. Or, tell us what other series readers should be checking out in the comments.

Thanks to those essential workers on the front lines… and for those of you with tight funds, be sure to sign up to the SF Reads newsletter for a slew of free books.

Looking for a laugh? We’ll close with a free sci-fi comedy, Queen’s Iris, by Jason Anspach.

Click here or on the bookcover to download your copy now.

Jason Anspach is the co-creater of Galaxy's Edge. Check out his Amazon page for more details.

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